From now on, the permanent address will no longer be a problem for applicants, as applicants can present their registered rental agreement as proof of valid address on which they have stayed for more than a year as a tenant. Currently, prints of the candidates` 10 fingers are recorded by biometric finger scanners at passport offices and Passport Seva Kendras. However, it is noted that infants face many inconveniences when they ingest fingerprints. As a result, the ministry has decided to exempt children under the age of five from this procedure. 8 Copy of the spouse`s passport (first and last page with family information), (provided that the applicant`s current address corresponds to the address indicated in the spouse`s passport) 2) 2) if your landlord refuses to give NOC for the use of the apartment as the current address in your passport application, inform the landlord that you wish to evacuate the premises. 10 Parental copy, for minors (first and last page), people can receive updates of their passport information via WhatsApp – 88701-31225, free number 1800-258-1800. You do not have a registered lease, because in Maharashtra, the lease is mandatory. ? If you have a registered rental contract for more than one year, this verified copy is valid proof of the address, you do not need to contact the owner of noc and the passport authorities cannot insist. the unregified agreement will also be accepted as valid proof of the address of the passporting authorities for the granting of passport equipment to applicants Meanwhile, the ministry has also changed the rules for the search for the new issuance of the lost passport passport. Instead of submitting initial information reports or missing police certificates, applicants can produce lost documents (LDRs), Raja said. In recent years, the demand for different sections to relax address references has increased. The union`s Department of Foreign Affairs has long received such requests from passport issuers and the public to treat the registered lease as one of the valid documents as proof of address.

You do not have an answer as to whether your lease is a registered document or not, whether it is a recorded document for more than one year, you do not need to remove NOC from the owner and it is a valid document in accordance with section 12 of the list of proof of address. 1) Try to convince him that you have mentioned your parents` home as your permanent address and you have no interest in claiming a share of a rented apartment owned by the owner 2) You can indicate your permanent address where your parents remain, since your permanent LDR residence address can be generated by downloading lost passport information from the Tamil Nadu Department police portal with a photo ID card. 1) In the future, you can claim on property based on the address of your passport You cannot specify this address as your permanent address, but you can use it as your postal address. However, the address mentioned in current bell, ration card, municipality for home tax, etc. do not support your title in the property It is just confusion and it can be easily eliminated. You can only give your landlord an affidavit regarding the use of their home as an address in the passport on the tenant`s property and you cannot use or invoke it for any purpose.