I just moved addresses and I started paying rent. I updated my address on centerlink and they asked me to send a rental certificate. However, I didn`t seem to have received it, and it was 2 weeks old. I checked my emails from my old address and new emails, and also my emails and Centerlink inbox? Could someone enlighten me? 🙁 Go to your centerlink homepage -> you ask for a document – > rental certificate you receive it. Make it signed and download it in the notification you 🙂 All Forms and information from the Residential Tenancies Tribunal are now available through the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT). Ask your realtor for a rent receipt. For an alternative version of a document on this page, contact CBS unless otherwise stated. Taxes and recovery of residential real estate expenses on the Australian Taxation Office website Your tenant may be entitled to assistance in paying bonds or rents from Housing SA.