A balance needs to be struck between theoretical sophistication and practical administration, taking into account the fact that the associated costs do not bring high value to the group. Therefore, a single allocation key can be used when the subject is able to demonstrate that that single key can reflect the benefits. The three types of well assistance agreements are dry contribution to holes, contribution to the ground hole and contribution to the surface. These fees can be prorated and billed at the same time as the agreed-upon lump sum or the percentage of fees. In the health sector, cost-sharing is ensured when patients pay a portion of the health care costs that are not covered by health insurance. [1] [2] The out-of-pocket payment varies according to the health plan and depends on the patient`s choice for a health care provider in charge of the health plan network. Out-of-pocket payments that participate in cost-sharing are supplements, deductibles and co-insurance. NOTE 1: On the basis of the technological criterion, MVNO can also be considered as a kind of infrastructure sharing agreement in which MVNO leases almost all of the necessary network infrastructure. However, it was excluded because the document intends to focus on the efficient provision and operation of physical networks rather than creating virtual operators in addition to physical networks.

Active infrastructure sharing is the sharing of the network`s electronic infrastructure, including the radio access network (including antennas/transducers, a base station, networks and backhaul controllers) and the central network (servers and basic network functions). This form can also be categorized in MORAN (Multi-Operator Radio Access Network), where radio access networks are shared and dedicated frequencies are used by each sharing operator, MOCN (Multi-Operator Core Network), where radio access networks and access frequencies are shared, and basic network authorization, where central network and server functions are shared. As noted above, it could be very difficult, in practice, to apply the direct load method. In such cases, MNE groups may find that they have few alternatives to the use of cost allocation and distribution methods, which often require a certain degree of estimation or approximation, as the basis for calculating the length of an arm. Any method of indirect royalties should be sensitive to the commercial characteristics of the individual species (for example. B that the allocation key is reasonable in the current circumstances), not be protected from manipulation and compliance with sound accounting principles, and be able to generate costs or cost allocations commensurnive to actual or reasonably expected benefits to the recipient.