2019-20 Total Compensation2018-20 Master Contract of WorkMOA Family and Medical Holidays17A – 2018-20Court Reporter 2018-20Court Journalists Working Conditions 2018-20Court 1 2017-2020DCHS – Financial Staff 2020Information Technology 2018-20Manager (17X) 2018-20OEM 20OEM2018 -20Public Health 2018-20Roads P-T 2018-20Supervisors 2018-20Transit Admin 2018- 2 0Transit Chiefs 2018-20Transit P-T 2018-20Transit Sups 2018-20 When you arrive at the site, please go to the Backlot. There is no parking in the Backlot. They`re just doing marches this week. There is no need to call, just show from 10 .m. to 4pm.m. In a statement sent to the executive office reporter, they said they appreciated the relationship between the county and the unions, and that they believed that «these agreements help us provide the best customer service to the people of the area.» Correctional guards with bachelor`s degrees also receive a 2 percent pay increase, and those with a master`s degree receive a 3 percent increase. The salaries of county employees must be tied to private sector salaries and the county conducts studies every two years to make sure that`s the case, Lambert said. County Executive Office Dow Constantine made a statement to reporters saying the deal, based on foundations set out in the 2015-2016 global compensation agreement and wage increases, was in line with Puget Sound`s cost of living forecasts. In King County, we have had an incredible year of victories for our PROTEC17 members and partners in the union coalition, including pay increases, extra days off, paid parental leave and more. These victories are the direct result of the meeting as a union and the use of our collective voice to bring about change.

You`ll find the full list HERE! At Monday`s borough council meeting, a collective agreement was approved between more than 24 unions and King County, ensuring that a large portion of the county`s staff will work under current conditions by 2020. Your PROTEC17 contract negotiation team is preparing to begin negotiations at the end of September. The team is: Cynthia Adams (17F Supervisors), Marc Anderson (17D Transit P-T), Rusty Bergerson (Transit Chiefs), Chris Black (17F Supervisors FMD), Kerrie Bouie (Transit Chiefs), Cathleen Buzan (17M Road), Charmain E Caros (DCH BFOs), Jane Crigler (Public Health), Leslie Drake (17M Roads), Ted Erb (17A Permitting), Collette Fidecaro (Transit Admins), Steve Ford (KCIT), Benita Grace (Transit Admins), Samantha Guth 17A Solid Waste, Alex Hallenius (17A DNRP/WLRD), Jennell Hicks (Public Health/DCHS), Spencer Howard (17D Transit P-T), Jake Jacobovitch (Transit Sups), Ken Johnston (Transit Sups), Brian Lencho (KCIT), Ali Omar (Public Health), Lydia Renolds-Jones (17X Section Bishop), Jose Romo Ramirez (Public Health), Dan Santon (17D Transit P-T), Triina Van (DCHS PPMs) and Michelle Vitrano Court (Reporters).