Financial Projects While financial management is organized for projects, contractors need the security of payments and their customers. By creating a trust agreement, SBI, as an Escrow agent, can ensure the necessary security of advance and distribution of payments, thereby ensuring that all beneficiaries receive their contributions in accordance with the terms of the agreement. SBI acts as an escrow agent to facilitate the operations of the escrow account in accordance with the agreement. Buying and selling assets When entering into a purchase/purchase of assets transaction, parties may wish to be protected for non-payment by the buyer or for non-compliance by the Seller. A buyer or seller can ask the counterparty: Settle their transaction through the Escrow/Trust agreement to guarantee payment/delivery on the due date, for example. B, sale/purchase of ships, etc. Merger and Acquisition Transactions During a merger and acquisition transaction, the purchaser is generally required to pay a security deposit representing a certain percentage of the purchase price and on which the Escrow/Trust account may be retained until the corresponding terms are met or an adjustment to the purchase price is required.