[This provision should be added to each agreement instead of the typical unilateral restriction of our reference to the sponsor.] This sponsorship agreement, number, is concluded between the xxxxxxxxxxx, on behalf of the morale, Welfare, and Recreation Fund (Fund), complete installation address, and sponsor, Street Address, City, State ZIP. Recognising the need to provide accessible and user-friendly transportation in the Burien area by facilitating the wider use of bicycles, designing, acquiring, managing the licensing process, promoting and managing the Downtown Burien Bike Rack Project. In support of this project, the sponsor WABI pays the fee to display the sponsor`s name or logo on a sponsor plate on a number of bicycle racks that will be installed by the City of Burien («City») either in public priority law, in an urban park, or in the private shopping centre and will be held by the city of Burien («city»). Wallan Basketball Inc. offers local businesses and individuals the opportunity to sponsor mutually beneficial teams, players or clubs in general. This model has been developed to ensure that all associations and associations take a consistent approach when entering into agreements with sponsors. This type of written agreement is essential to ensure that the expectations of both parties are clear and concise. This agreement is between Men Having Babies, Inc. («MHB») and the exhibitor who, in this agreement (the «exhibitor») for the exhibitor`s participation in the Men Having Babies Surrogacy and the Gay Parenting Expo (the «seminar»), are taking place on that date and in this place by (the host). The exhibitor accepts the bid/sponsorship fee (and optional break-up sessions, offices or, if applicable, optional insurance fees), sponsorship fees (the «fees») and table space allocated by the MHB and made available by the host at least two days before the event date. This agreement defines the consequences of violations of the Sentinel rules and, if applicable, the applicable disciplinary measures. The company will open an investigation into all violations of the system rules, the result depends on the seriousness of the infringement, but may result in the removal of the Smart Card Sentinel, making the person unable to work on the infrastructure.

I agree to send a high-resolution image (JPEG or PDF) of our logo to dishaunac@calnonprofits.org in one (1) week after sending this form. I understand and I also agree that I must send my ad for Buzz within three (3) weeks or before Friday, December 1, 2017, depending on the previous date. I understand that the payment is not refundable. I also understand that the advertising will not begin until the payment for sponsorship has been fully paid. All advertising artworks must be submitted by Friday, December 1, 2017 so that they can be placed in the Buzz.